Motorcycle 15 Point Health Check


Ensure your bike doesn’t let you down, take advantage of our 15 point Visual Health Check* carried out while you wait.

Your safety is paramount to us. Whether you are a casual or veteran rider, going for a Sunday spin or on a trip abroad. Your riding enjoyment and safety is paramount to us. Take comfort in the knowledge that your bike is in tip top condition.


*Any repairs or maintenance issues will be noted and can be rectified in our fully equipped workshop facilities if necessary.



Ok, you’ve caught my attention. I’m interested. What’s next?


It’s simple. Follow the steps below


Step 1. Simply call us on 053 942 2415 or call into store to book your health check.

Step 2. We will carry out a thorough 15 point check while you wait.

Step 3. Get yourself a complimentary tea/coffee, biscuits and maybe some home made goodies and relax.

Step 4. One of our Trained Technicians will take in your motorcycle to perform the Visual Health Check. This will include the inspection of the following

    • Tyres

    • Brake Pads

    • Brake Fluid

    • Brake Discs

    • Brake Calipers

    • Chain

    • Sprocket

    • Motor Oil

    • Coolant

    • Shocks and Forks

    • Steering Bearings

    • Wheel Bearings

    • Indicators

    • Lights

    • Battery

Step 5. We will provide you with a full report on all our visual examinations along with suggested actions if any. 

You are under no obligation to have any work done, we simply present you with the facts and recommended actions to let you make an informed decision.


Please note that if you purchase online, you will be contacted by telephone to schedule a date. If you have a preference of dates, please leave in the notes section.