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Location Oslo, Norway
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It’s back on the calendar due to popular demand!

We’ve carried out many tours in Scandinavia between 2010 and 2015 but it got left on the shelf when we were off discovering other parts of the world. Needless to say we’re delighted to have it back on the calendar and are really loooking forward to returning to what we describe as “a must do motorcycle tour / destination at least once in your lifetime”. With that said we have many customers who get drawn back to the Nordics time and time again. This tour is designed to take in as many highlights as possible in a 2 week window including the Arctic Circle, Nordkapp, Lofoten Islands, Atlantic Road / Highway, Trollstigen, Geiranger Fjord and much more. Our route takes us across Sweden to the Gulf of Bothnia, north through Lapland / Finland to Nordkapp before turning south along Norway’s Atlantic Coast to the Lofoten Islands and south of Geiranger Fjord before returning to our base at Oslo Gardermoen Airport.  

Why does it appeal so much to us? It’s the vast, sparsely populated landscapes and that sense of adventure as we travel north through barren and harsh landscapes / environments north of the Arctic Circle all the way to Europe’s most northerly point at Nordkapp where the Atlantic and Arctic oceans meet. Riding empty roads along rugged coastline we travel south along the Atlantic Road / Highway to the spectacular Lofoten Islands and the magnificent Fjordlands of Southern Norway. While we might not get to see the Northern Lights we may be lucky enough to view the midnight sun normally visible for a 6 week period from Mid May to the end of July. 

Our base at Oslo Gardermoen Airport is a perfect starting location for a tour of the Nordics cutting out the long haul to / from Ireland – a journey that takes 3 days of intense motorcycling and a number of ferries at a very minimum.

NOTE: If availability shows “1 available” and / or “cancellation list” – it means that there is only cancellation list places available and booking is not confirmed.

2023 dates and pricing subject to change considering confirmed airline schedules.

Please confirm flights before booking.

Key Information

Start / Finish Location
Oslo Gardrmoen, Norway
Countries Visited
Norway, Sweden & Finland
15 Days / 16 Nights
Riding Difficulty
Moderate (due to distance)
Culture Shock
Pillion Supplement
Single Room Supplement

More Information

Day 1 

Transfer from airport, handover of motorcycles, followed by tour briefing. No riding scheduled for arrival day.

Days 2, 3 & 4

Oslo to Nordkapp. Our route takes us across Sweden to the Gulf of Bothnia and north into Finand / Lapland and across the Arctic Circle. Our itinerary is startegically designed to get us to the north of Lapland / Norkapp in a fairly swift manner without being too arduous which will allow us to travel south along the Norwegian Coast at a more leisurely pace.

Day 5 & 6 

See’s us ride to Europe’s most northerly point at a very remote Nordkapp. Staying nearby we have the option to visit the Nordkapp visitor centre in the afternoon and / or again later in the hope of catching a glimpse of the midnight sun. Leaving Nordkapp we find the E6 road south which will be our companion on and off all the way south.  

Days 7, 8 & 9

Still well inside the Arctic Circle we travel further south and out onto the spectacular Lofoten Islands with landscapes which look as if they could only have been created by the most imaginative of game designers. Stark and steep mountain peaks back the glacial waters of the fjords which are so clear they reflect the blue of the sky and the colorful, painted fishing huts which line their shores. We take an afternoon sailing on day 9 back to the mainland. 

Days 10, 11 & 12

Our route takes us along some very quiet roads, arguablly the best of the trip, hugging the Atlantic Coast as we travel ever south and back across the Arctic Circle (after almost a week). Then it’s on to Trondheim, the most populous town /city we will stay in on tour before detouring out onto the famous and frequently photographed “Atlantic Road” that no doubt everyone has seen a picture of. Though relativey short at only 8km it’s a truly spectacular sight and an engineering marvel.  

Day 13 

Strategically located amoungst some of Norway’s most beautiful fjords it’s time for a rest day – though there is always optional rideouts and boat trips between fjords.

Days 14 & 15 

It’s all about the highlands and never ending tunnels as we make our way back to Oslo. 



Imagine a place in the far north, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Arctic Ocean and their frigid waters mix. That place is Nordkapp – the North Cape – in Western Finnmark, Northern Norway. Here, the only dry land between you and the North Pole is the Svalbard archipelago, and the summer sun doesn’t set between the middle of May and the end of July. Many visitors enjoy watching the midnight sun or the sunset over the Barents Sea from the North Cape Plateau. Nowhere else in the world is the North Pole as close to the mainland as at the North Cape. The areas bordering Sweden, Finland and Russia are still a natural and unspoiled paradise, and the breathtaking combination of sea and mountains you find in Lofoten, Vesterålen and the Lyngsalpene peaks is unparalleled in Europe. The people of Northern Norway enjoy freedom and living their lives to the rhythm of nature. The Sami, Norway’s indigenous people, have lived at one with nature and developed the Sami culture since settling in the Arctic areas of Norway more than 2,500 years ago.

Lofoten Islands

Regardless of the time of year, Lofoten provides a journey amid breathtaking natural surroundings. The landscape is both beautiful and stark. However there are sheltered, protected stretches that can provide some relief from the raw, exposed areas that show their harshness when the wind is blowing hard. The combination of the untamed ocean and stormy seas, jagged alpine mountains plunging into the water, tiny sheltered fishing villages and white beaches with crystal clear waters will never cease to enchant us. Then it’s good to know that you can seek out little, secluded corners and fine detours along the route. There are also many tourists who have discovered that winter can be just as beautiful as summer. The Arctic winter is the perfect time to see the northern lights, an overwhelming play of light and colour. You are guaranteed a unique experience with fewer people to share it with. No matter what time of year you decide to visit Lofoten, you will experience its distinctive qualities, and for many people Lofoten leaves lasting memories.

Norways Fjordland

The fjord landscape was formed thousands of years ago during Norway’s many Ice Ages by meltwater and ice gouging outdeep valleys that the sea then filled up. Thousands of lakes and waterfalls were also created, and, more than 9,000 years ago, farmers and fishermen settled in this magnificent landscape. Today Norway enjoys a high standard of living, and Norwegians no longer need to struggle with the forces of nature to survive. Many people like to spend their free time exploring nature on foot, on skis, by bike, canoe, kayak or sailing boat. There is also still a strong tradition of harvesting nature’s bounty, both by hunting and fishing, but also by picking berries and mushrooms.
Norway cannot boast that it is a cheap country to holiday in, but we can offer some fantastic experiences in amazing scenery – free for everyone to enjoy. You can challenge it, live off it and in it, enjoy it slowly while travelling in comfort on sea or land, or feel close to it in one of our small, pleasant towns and cities, while you explore everything else Norway has to offer.


Nothing is as mighty as the ocean – our most important transport route for centuries, a source of income and the starting point for innumerable recreational options. Few places bring you closer to the ocean and let you feel part of it in the same way as Atlanterhavsvegen. Here you will feel the effects of winter storms and enjoy days of sunshine in the summer. The road is a visual delight as it curves elegantly from islet to islet over its seven bridges. The natural surroundings and feats of modern engineering combine to create a unique driving experience. The trip takes you from the fertile cultural landscape of the coast across moorland to bare crags along the weather-beaten, open bay of Hustadvika. Take time to watch the sundisappearing below the horizon from here. Atlanterhavsvegen has been described as the world’s most beautiful car drive. It is an intense experience that will give you an insight into a harsh world where you must withstand a gust of wind

Geiranger – Trollstigen

The drive along Trollstigen is undoubtedly more dramatic than most people are used to, but what is special about driving in Norway is that in fact people live just about everywhere. Even on the narrowest mountain ledge or small crag there will be a house. We are bound to the landscape and the natural surroundings through settlements that have offered us a livelihood throughout history. Geiranger-Trollstigen offers numerous highlights, and the eleven hairpin bends of Trollstigen as well as the view from Ørnesvingen down to the Geirangerfjord may set your pulse racing. Lush valleys, sheltered strawberry-growing areas, precipitous mountains and vantage points guaranteed to make you dizzy offer some of Norway’s most scenic views. Allow plenty of time for the trip stops are welcome whether you want the challenge of a hike to a lofty summit or just to enjoy the view.




  • Return transport of your motorcycle from our base in Gorey, Co. Wexford to Oslo Gardermoen Airport with option to join the tour without transport element.
  • B&B accommodation in quality 3-5 star hotels. Please note that in some more remote regions we may be using carefully selected guesthouses / accommodation or best available in the area. All accommodation is carefully selected considering quality, location, amenities and character.
  • Tour guide(s)
  • Detailed route maps / itinerary etc. allowing some self-guiding if preferred.
  • Ferry from Lofoten Islands to mainland
  • Other ferries

Not Included

  • Any travel costs to get to the start and from the finish point for the tour.
  • Lunches / Evening Meals
  • Entry to Nordkapp Visitor Centre (optional)
  • Personal travel, accident and medical insurance (covering matters such as medical expenses, repatriation, cancellation, curtailment, loss or damage to property)
  • Motorcycle insurance cover, motorcycle breakdown cover or recovery costs. Depending on your insurance provider, Green Card local insurance may need to be purchased at the various borders at a relaitively low cost of typically €10 – €20 per country. 
  • Entrance fees to sights and parks, optional local excursions or local activities, (except where stated)
  • Lunches or snacks (except where stated). Any meals whilst on board ferries. Evening meals on rest/optional ride out days.
  • Personal spending money, tips, souvenirs or other extras.
  • Personal documentation (eg visas, passport), vaccinations, personal taxes, border crossing fees, motorcycle documentation
  • Costs of motorcycle repair (parts, labour or other related costs), tyres
  • Fuel, oil & other motorcycle consumables
  • Toll road fees, traffic fines or other charges relating to breach of the law
  • Any other item not specifically included in the price.

As with all our guided tours we carefully select very good standard 3 – 5* hotels. Over the years we have built up a vast selection of tried and tested hotels around the world and we select hotels for their character and service rather than just on their star rating.  Hotel standards vary all over the world and a 4* in Africa or South America is not always the same as in Western Europe. In some more remote locations, we may use equivalent 3* hotels or the best available in the area, which could be a more family run establishment, with local character.

Pre trip we provide you with Tour Specific Information that gives you detailed information about how to prepare and plan your tour, and what to expect when on tour.  These are a few FAQ that many people have. If you have any further queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

What are the roads and driving like?

Road conditions, surfaces and driving standards in Nordic countries are among the best in the world. This tours itinerary involves some relatively large daily distances for the first 4-5 days of circa 500-550 km but it should be noted that these are easily achieved considering the infrastructure. After the first 4-5 days our daily distances decrease significantly to circa 300 km average per driving day to allow us experience as much of Norway’s stunning Atlantic Coast as possible.  

What bike is suitable to bring?
Generally speaking we recommend adventure or touring style motorcycles as the most suitable.  However, sport-touring and cruiser motorcycles may also be suitable subject to you being comfortable riding it for the distance / duration of the tour and considering the road conditions as described above.

What riding experience do I need?
Generally speaking we recommend all participants to be experienced tourers in Europe and/or beyond. Obviously, some destinations are easier than others, as classified by our difficulty ratings, and should you have concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. It is your responsibility to ensure your motorcycling skills are up to the requirements for this tour. Obviously advanced riding skills increase enjoyment factor and reduce risk.

Do I have to ride in a group?
No!  We do not make you ride in convoy and we offer you the freedom to decide how you would like to ride. However, we find most people prefer to ride with the group without the need to navigate. We use either the ‘drop off’ or ‘buddy’ systems when group riding (depending on country and complexity of navigation); these are tried and tested systems of group riding and allow riders to ride at their own pace. Full details are provided at pre-trip briefings. Daily departure times are set every evening for the following morning depending on the days route and points of interest. If you prefer to ride on your own, we provide you with a map and route cards with recommendations for lunch or coffee stops and hotel information. We offer a very flexible approach with an emphasis on maximum enjoyment.

Is this ride suitable for a passenger?
Yes. Pillion passengers should be experienced tourers / travellers. 

What is the average group size?
Our groups are normally between 8 – 14 riders (some riders will have passengers). Most riders are from the Ireland, but we do also have overseas riders who may take part. From time to time we may split into smaller groups depending on itinerary.

What documents do I need?
You will need your original documents as follows: 

  • Passport and Driving Licence.  Passengers only need their passport.  As a general rule, passports should be valid for at least 6 months after the end of the tour; however, this may be shorter in some European countries. 
  • If you are bringing your own motorcycle, you will also need your motorcycle registration document (RF101 / log book) and your motorcycle insurance.
  • In addition, you must have valid travel/medical insurance.
  • Visas as required. Please ensure that you are fully aware of all passport and visa requirements and that you allow adequate time to obtain them.
  • We recommend an international driving permit available from: Whilst driving permits are not always accepted or demanded they are handy to have! 

What will the weather be like?

Depending on season / time of year we will advise expected weather conditions in the pre-trip information and also suggest the most suitable gear based on our experience. It is imperative that tour participants have suitably adequate gear. Please note our tour calendar is carefully planned taking into account the most suitable seasons / local weather for the destination. However, as much as we would like, we cannot always guarantee the best weather. Particularly considering the un-predictable climates the world has been experiencing.

What about my health when I am abroad?
You need to be physically fit and healthy and also take the necessary health precautions.  It is essential for you to consult your doctor or travel clinic for up-to-date medical travel information prior of travel, particularly if you have a pre-existing medical condition. Please ensure that you are fully aware of all official travel advice, local customs, current affairs, travel requirements and medical/travel advice. Please check with your GP regarding recommended inoculations. 

Do I need Travel / Medical Insurance?
It is a condition of you travelling with us that you are adequately insured.  Your insurance policy must cover you for the costs of any medical expenses, medical treatment or repatriation needed, due to injury or illness on this trip, including those that occur whilst motorcycle touring, either as the rider or a passenger.  It is important that your insurance company understands that the main purpose of your trip is motorcycle touring, using your own large capacity cc motorcycle or a rental motorcycle.  Your insurance must cover you for the full duration of the trip and for all countries we travel through.

In addition, we strongly recommend that your insurance policy has cover for loss or damage to your personal belongings, delay at your outward or homeward point of departure, personal liability, overseas legal expenses and cancellation and curtailment. We do not refund your deposit simply because you failed to take out insurance in sufficient time. Some travel insurance policies do not cover motorcycle travel over a certain cc or for a prolonged duration.

Minimum Numbers
We require a minimum number of 8 riders on this tour.  If we do not have this number of bookings, then we reserve the right to cancel the tour.


  • Overlanders may accept a booking online, via telephone or by email. To confirm a booking a deposit is required – once the deposit is received the booking is confirmed.

Payments & Fees:

  • A deposit is required at time of booking.
  • Guided tours – 50% required at least 60 days prior to the shipment / travel date.
  • All payments must be made in full at least 30 days prior to the shipment / travel date.

Cancellation/Amendments/Refund Policy:

  • Please note that all payments and deposits are non refundable nor transferrable if cancellation accrues within one month before the shipment / tour date.
  • Where possible we will try to accommodate any amendments you wish to make.
  • In the event of curtailment no refunds shall be made.
  • Refunds may be processed via the original method of payment, except for cash transactions where refunds will be provided by cheque.

Preparation for Shipping (if applicable)

  • All rider/pillion gear including boots and helmets should be packed into a kit/sports bag and labelled with the owners name, bike make/model and registration. One kit bag permitted per person.
    • Please note loose items or items tied onto the motorcycle will not be transported.
    • Bin liners, rubbish bags, cardboard boxes etc are not acceptable.
  • Motorcycles should be in a clean and presentable condition both for outbound and return shipments. If your motorcycle is considerably dirty post trip please wash it before returning it.
  • All Luggage (hard and soft panniers) should be left unlocked and removable from the motorcycle if necessary for transport purposes.
  • Alarms should be switched off or in “Ferry” mode for transport purposes.
  • Fuel level should be kept relatively low. All our depots are within a few km of fuel stations.
  • Keys for both the motorcycle and luggage should be left with the motorcycle.
  • At handover we will require a signed customs declaration form and a photocopy of the registration document / log book stapled together. Customs declaration from will be emailed pre-shipment. These should only be handed over in hard copy at time of delivery.
    • Do not email copies in advance.
    • We will not accept original copies of registration documents/log books.