KNOX Cold Killers Hot Socks


Prolonged exposure of the extremities to the cold and damp is not only uncomfortable, but can result in painful conditions such as frostnip, chilblains and in extreme cases, frostbite. Therefore it is essential to make sure those parts of the anatomy farthest away from the body’s ‘core’ are kept properly insulated and dry during winter riding.

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Cold Killers Hot Socks are designed to keep feet warm and dry during even the most miserable winter rides. Their ‘Softshell’ fabric construction features a three-ply laminate, with a tough and tightly woven stretch fabric on the outside; a laminated windproof membrane and a cosy 3-D fleece liner.
This three-layer system not only prevents wind chill but also allows warm air to circulate round the foot easily, thereby dramatically reducing the overheat/chill-down cycle associated with conventional layering. Softshell fabric is water repellent too, and fully breathable, helping to prevent water ingress and the build-up of moisture in the rider’s boots.
Cold Killers Hot Socks are extremely thin and flexible, eliminating the need for extra layering and ensuring there are no ‘tight spots’ to restrict circulation. They also feature flat seems throughout and stretch panels at the ankle for an easy and comfortable fit. They are machine washable too, so are easy to keep fresh.

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