From 18th August 2024
To31st August 2024
Category Transport
Location Bilbao / Faro
Price€ 775
6 available
From 15th September 2024
To28th September 2024
Category Transport
Location Bilbao / Faro
Price€ 775
0 available
From 13th October 2024
To26th October 2024
Category Transport
Location Bilbao / Malaga
Price€ 775
2 available
From 27th October 2024
To9th November 2024
Category Transport
Location Bilbao / Malaga
Price€ 775
2 available
From 10th November 2024
To23rd November 2024
Category Transport
Location Bilbao / Malaga
Price€ 775
11 available

Prices quoted above apply to Category 2 motorcycles.

  • €100 reduction for Cat 1 motorcycles
  • €100 surcharge for Cat 3 motorcycles
  • €50 reduction for all categories using Bilbao return 


  • Overlanders may accept a booking online, via telephone or email. To confirm a booking a deposit is required – once the deposit is received the booking is confirmed. Spaces will not be reserved without deposits.

Payments & Fees:

  • All payments must be made in full at least 45 days prior to the shipment date.
  • Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE or transferrable within 90 days of shipment / travel date (whichever comes sooner)
  • Exceptions may be made on a case per case basis considering demand / cancellation list etc.
  • We strongly suggest having adequate Travel Insurance in place at the time of booking.


  • Parking / storage is free for the first 2 days and last 2 days at the destination i.e Bilbao, Faro & Malaga – thereafter storage costs €4 per motorcycle per day
  • Motorcycles can be delivered to Gorey anytime before shipping.
  • Motorcycles should be collected within 2 days of returning to Gorey – thereafter storage costs €4 per motorcycle per day

Preparation for Shipping:

  • All rider/pillion gear including boots and helmets should be packed into a kit/sports bag and labelled with the owner’s name, bike make/model and registration. One kit bag permitted per person.
    • Please note loose helmets, items or items tied onto the motorcycle will not be transported.
    • Bin liners, rubbish bags, cardboard boxes etc are not acceptable.
    • Oversize suitcases or golf bags are not acceptable. 
  • Motorcycles should be in a clean and presentable condition both for outbound and return shipments. If your motorcycle is considerably dirty post trip please wash it before returning it. This particularly applies to those riding off-road. We reserve the right to refuse transport outbound or return.
  • All Luggage (hard and soft panniers) should be left accessible / removable from the motorcycle if necessary for transport & customs purposes.
  • Alarms should be switched off or in “Ferry” mode for transport purposes and instructions provided for same.
  • Fuel level should be kept relatively low. All our depots are within a few km of fuel stations.
  • Keys for both the motorcycle and luggage should be left with the motorcycle.
  • At handover we will require a photocopy of the registration document / logbook
    • We will not accept original registration documents/logbooks.


  • It is your responsibility to confirm suitable flights / collection times. Please contact us for recommendations. Should an airline change their schedule, we will do our best to facilitate but it may not be possible considering our shipping schedule/logistics.

Categories are primarily determined by the overall width/height of the motorcycle (including luggage). Note:

  1. Category 1 refers to trail / enduro motorcycles 450cc or less without hard luggage.
  2. Category 2 refers to sports, naked, touring and sports touring, touring and adventure touring motorcycles with or without hard luggage. Examples of which would be BMW RT’s, GS and GS Adventures, Pan Europeans, Kawasaki GTR’s & Yamaha FJR’s
  3. Category 3 refers to very large motorcycles. Examples of which would be BMW LT’s, Goldwings & Harley Electra Glides, Road Kings etc.

Please also note:

  • Bookings are not confirmed until deposits are paid. Deposits are non-refundable or transferrable within 90 days of shipping. We highly recommend travel insurance.
  • Dates advertised are the dates when the motorcycles will be available at the destination in Europe. You can collect and return your motorcycle anytime on or between these dates. Storage charges may apply.
  • Ireland pickups / returns are available. Charges apply.
  • Transit time is typically 1 week each way. Normally we require the motorcycles in Gorey the Saturday before scheduled arrival date at the destination.
  • Prices quoted are for return transport including one kit bag per person for all riding gear. A second kit bag can be used for pillion passengers. Should you require one way transport please contact us.
  • A shipping checklist and detailed pickup information will be provided 1 month prior to shipping.
  • Price includes goods in transit insurance.
  • Should you require something different to that listed please contact us as there are some dates still available and we may be able to accommodate an extra trip or different dates for a group (Normally 10+).