Wheel Clean 400 ml


Application: Maintenance and Care
Product Range: Leisure, Motorcycle, Scooter
Each part of the motorcycle needs specific care. Launched in 2011, Motul® MC Care™ line has been developed to fully maintain and care for the motorcycle, the motorcyclist and their equipment.Product category: External CareMotul® MC CARE ™ E3 Wheel Clean is a concentrated formula that effectively dissolves greases, oils, and brake dust residues on the rims and does not attack paints or varnishes.



Concentrated cleaner for all type of rims (aluminium, painted, chromed, varnished,…).

Non-aggressive concentrated formula. Does not attack paint and varnishes.

Suitable for all types of motorcycles.


Dissolves efficiently greases, oils and brake dust on the rims.

Protects paint and varnish.

Non aggressive concentrated formula.


Spray over the rim.

Leave for 2 minutes and rub with a rag, brush or sponge if needed.

Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

For very dirty parts, repeat the operation.

Do not use under direct sunlight or on hot wheels.

Do not use MOTUL Wheel Clean on any other parts of the motorcycle.