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Vulcanet, Waterless Motorcycle cleaner.

Vulcanet, the winner of the 2008 prize for innovation. They are designed to be a multi purpose cleaning wipe that can deal with most of the muck that normally finds its way on to your motorcycle or scooter, including the dreaded baked on road tar or the splatted insect life that sticks like super-glue to your bike; as well as the general muck and grime that your bike attracts.

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Vulcanet, Waterless Motorcycle cleaner.

They consist of a woven cloth impregnated with a special cleaning formula that incorporates a powerful shampoo, tar-removal agent, glass cleaner, wheel cleaner and insect remover, as well as a paint and plastic reviver plus anti-smear elements. That’s quite some mix and the cloth is special to, in that the honeycomb structure traps dirt particles with gentle wiping. The formulation even includes lubrication and is therefore designed to work like a sponge and water. Well we all know what a chore cleaning your motorbike or scooter can be and anything that makes it easier, less time consuming and gives good results has got to be worth trying. So one sunny afternoon we decided to retire our trusty bucket and sponge and set about cleaning a bike solely using the Vulcanet cleaning wipes. Now these wipes are made only using natural ingredients so apparently you don’t have to wear gloves when using them and they are safe to use on all metal, plastic, polished and glass surfaces, as well as leather, vinyl seating, and rubber. On opening the packet we were surprised just how wet these wet wipes were, they contain an awful lot of that special cleaning formula, it has a slight solvent type smell, but it’s not unpleasant. Cleaning the swing arm with Vulcanet cleaning wipes Shiny clean bodywork with Vulcanet cleaning wipes. First we tackled caked on brake dust, tar and grime around the swing-arm, then splattered mud and then general road tar and grime on the wheel rims. All of this came off really easily, with little effort, leaving the areas spotlessly clean afterwards. Grimed in oil and grease was also no match for these wipes, it was quickly removed. We thought dried and baked on insects across the screen and fairing would give the wipes a good work out, whilst not all coming off with the first use of the wipes after a second wipe every trace of insect life was gone and the screen was gleaming to. Tar spots that cook on to your exhaust can and pipe can be really difficult to remove, but again were quickly removed with little effort using a wipe. Shiny exhaust with Vulcanet cleaning wipes However apart from the ease of use and very powerful cleaning effect of the wipes, what really impresses is the shine after a quick buffing with the microfibre cloth. The paint and plastic reviver with built in ant-smear agents is really good, giving a shine to our test bike’s black paintwork that we would struggle to achieve with a good quality polish. We have to say we were impressed with how effective, time saving and simple to use these wipes are and what a finish!