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Honda CB500FA


The CB500F is pure exhilaration for anyone at the handlebars.
The CB500F won’t intimidate those moving up to a more powerful motorcycle, nor will it disappoint experienced riders looking for an affordable alternative. Whoever you are, it ticks all the boxes for style, practicality and performance.



Revamped Design

The CB500F has a raw and aggressive new look – we’ve shortened the rear and stripped the bodywork to reveal more of the engine and frame. All in all, it’s bursting with even more racing style.

Slide Up and Down the Gears

Cruise through city traffic in complete comfort with the CB500F’s improved gear shift system – it ensures much lighter and smoother gear changes right through the rev range.

Adjustable Brake Lever

With customisable brake levers, use the five-step adjustment setting to get just the right lever position for your hands. Then you’re free to concentrate on the ride.

LED Headlight and Taillight

The CB500F’s dazzling new LED head and taillights cut a fearless profile at night. But it’s not just about style – they ensure you have a big presence on the road, and improved visibility too.

Adjustable Front Forks

Cruising solo around town, or loading your luggage for a weekend away? Customise the front suspension depending on where you’re headed with the CB500F’s preload adjuster for maximum comfort.

Roaring Exhaust

By making the rear muffler bigger, and punching holes in the path pipe, the CB500F now has a bark as big as its engine’s bite.