Covid19 – Our Action Plan!

In the interest of our safety and the safety of our customers we have made the decision to close the shop to the public in order to reduce footfall, mitigate the risk and get this thing behind us asap.

However, we will continue to work behind the scenes in order to continue business as normal as much as is practicably possible. We kindly ask our customers to avoid non-essential visits to the shop and only visit by appointment where necessary.

We can be contacted during normal working hours by email or phone. Please understand that there may be a high influx of calls making it difficult to get through to us at certain times. We appreciate your patience and we will do our utmost best to get back to you at our earliest convenience. The safety of our staff, customers and their families is paramount at present.

If we could offer some light hearted advice:

  1. Go biking
  2. Buy motorcycle parts and accessories online
  3. Ring someone and talk about bikes

Kind Regards & Stay Safe,

The Overlanders and AMI Team.

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