Andalucia & Morocco

Andalucia & The Portuguese Algarve or Morocco?

Highlights Include:      Sierra Nevada       Marrakech       Andalucía       Sahara   

Tour Outline

From our base in Campanillas on the outskirts of Malaga you have numerous choices, youRock of Gibraltar can head east towards Motril and Almeria, with the Mediterranean on your right and the Sierra Nevada Mountains to your left, it really doesn’t get much better! The tarmac is excellent and the road which wind’s its way along the coast for hundred’s of kilometres is a motorcyclists dream.

Alternatively you can ride west along the coast towards Portugal, stopping off at places like Marbella, Estepone and Cadiz, or you can take the mountain route via Ronda and Jerez! Portugal is less than three hours riding from Malaga and the Portuguese Algarve is well known for its great beaches and sandy coves, where you can relax and soak up the sun or perhaps you might like to take in a track day in Portimao!

If you are a bit more Adventurous, Morocco is but a stones throw away from Malaga. A Crossing the Middle Atlaslittle over an hour down the motorway will have you in Algeciras or Tarifa where you can hop on a fast ferry to the Continent of Africa! Tangier Med is the most popular port to sail into and from there you can ride down the coast to cities like Rabat and Casablanca, or head inland over the Atlas Mountains towards the Sahara.

In summary, Spain and Portugal are fantastic places to ride your Motorcycle, the roads are brilliant, weather is good, and the people are very friendly. However if you like something different, Morocco is the place to go! There is something about crossing the strait of Gibraltar and into Africa, it’s a different world, with different people, sights, sounds and smells, it’s truly exciting!

Morocco Route 


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