I just wanted to let you know that John and I got back to dublin this morning after a great 12 days in Spain and France. Thanks for all the professionalism, advice and support in taking our bikes to Malaga.  Flying into Malaga  was a great way to start the trip.

We ended up doing 2600 miles, went to the WSB at Aragon, visited Andorra, visited the ww1 sites in North Eastern France, and caught the BSB at Brands Hatch en route to Holyhead for tad ferry home.

All in all a good break. Back to reality now.

Jerry Keohane (Malaga April 2014)


Tuesday 7th May 2013 we flew back from Bilbao to Dublin, ending my third European motorcycle trip. This time Overlanders shipped my bike over & back from Spain. We entered Spain through Malaga and left through Bilbao – a 2,000 mile trip. My first European trip in 2010 involved flying into Munich, Germany where my German friend loaned me his 2007 BMW R1200GS adventure. We spent a few days riding around the Italian alps before making our way back to Munich. Great trip but couldn’t help thinking how much of a sickener it would have been if i damaged by buddy’s GSA. Second trip involved travelling with my son on my CB1300 to France, taking the ferry. Great father, son time but days getting there and back. This year’s motorcycle trip throughout Spain was a lot less stressful than travelling there by ferry & road. It is more or less the same cost to ship the bike as it is to travel there by road. Not to mention the 6 days i did not use getting there and back. Highly recommend anyone out there to avoid the hassle, conserve the limited holidays we all have available to us and avail of the services (and lots of free advice) from the boys in Overlanders. David & Derek have that Personal touch and offer a professional service. I never once worried about my bike when it was being transported down to Malaga or from Bilbao to Dublin. I ‘caught’ Derek tightening my mirrors without me asking him to, when i was busy putting on my jacket etc. My head spins at the thought of the logistics Overlanders need to deal with.

Thanks to David & Derek. Hasta Pronto mis amigos!

Johnny, Limerick City

“After using the boat for years and spending days on motorways in Europe, myself and my two friends used Overlanders in May 2012 for the first time. They brought our bikes and gear in safety to one of their bases in Southern Germany. We arrived in on a cheap flight and were met by Derek. After a 5 minute walk to our bikes we got geared up and we were in the Austrian Alps in 2 hours! We had a week in the mountains. It was amazing. We flew home a week later and our bikes followed.

We are travelling with Overlanders again this year. Book it! Its a no-brainer. Barry Hogan


I would just like to say a few words in praise of Derek and David at Overlanders.ie I had heard of the guys through word of mouth and their adds on DoneDeal,knew they organised touring holidays for motorcyclists all over Europe. I rang Derek looking for a recommendation for someone to pick up a bike I had recently bought in the UK,Derek explained he used to do that work himself but recently had been concentrating on the Tour work. However,and here’s the clincher,he was  in Munich,Germany at a trade show when I called him, said he would be making his way back through England in a few days and would gladly pick up my Bike for me… He called me from the Dealers when he picked it up to let me know everything was ok,and when I arrived in Gorey on the Bus to collect it,Derek’s son Craig very kindly picked me up and took me out to the house to collect my pride and joy. Service like that is hard to find these days…. I cannot praise these Guys enough.

Paul Lydon,





“Wouldn’t let anyone baby-sit my Hayabusa. But Derek from Overlanders, looked after her brilliantly! Derek is a great guy, a biker through and through, and his truck is set up for bikes only. We’ve been through France a few times, but wanted to get further. Time off work is precious. So don’t waste it on a boat, or on a motorway. Finish work, jump on a plane, and Derek is waiting for you, with your bike, and all your gear, at a great starting point. Dubrovnik, Morocco, Algarve, Norway, all possible with Overlanders! We went in July 2010. Derek was waiting at Munich airport with my bike and our gear. We changed into leather, and were in the Swiss Alps within two hours. Over the Alps into Italy, through the most amazing alpine passes, and drove down to Lake Garda. We drove back through the Austrian Alps, into Germany and met Derek at the airport. We travelled in high season with no accommodation booked. It was all very easy, and very reasonable, and the roads were sublime. Best two weeks holiday we’ve had. And my wife loved it too! We’re booked for 2011. Don’t think about it …. DO IT ! Highly, highly recommend Overlanders !!!”

Ken and Dee.

“Get off the Gorey Bypass at Junction 23 and then ring me from Ballycanew.” said Derek Rynhart. We arrived with the FJR, car and two dogs at Derek’s spacious bike assembly point on Friday 22nd April. The lorry was half loaded with the bikes to be transported to Spain. We left a couple of bags with helmets and waterproofs and headed off to hang out with some friends in Wexford. A cheap Ryanair flight (no baggage – we wore our bike jackets) to Malaga on Thursday 28th arrived at 10.30am and a €25 taxi ride took us to a hotel on the outskirts of the city and there was the Yamaha, panniers sitting in place waiting for us. Cathy collected the helmets from reception whilst I locked the panniers on and warmed the engine……

We dropped off the bike and gear and arranged to pick up the bike at Danfay the following week. Taxi back to the airport and two hours later we were in Dublin.

So how did it all work out, Jimmy?

Great! We’d done Ireland to Spain; Ireland to Germany; Ireland to Italy and travelling through France held no further attractions for us. The six days we saved by flying instead of riding the bike to Portugal gave us time to enjoy the places we wanted to go to. The bike was well cared for by Overlanders and we can highly recommend this way of combining a sun and biking holiday.”

Peter and Cathy


“Everyone knows that winter riding in Southern Spain is far more fun than riding at home and anyone who has done this will confirm that riding in the South of Spain is far more fun than riding to the South of Spain. I have ridden to and from Andalucia a few times and over-wintered my bike there for several winters. There are 3 obvious options for getting there (or back):

Option 1 (I tried this first)

Belfast <ride> Dublin <ferry> Holyhead <ride> Plymouth / Portsmouth <ferry> Santander / Bilbao <ride> Andalucia

Time required: 3/4 days.

Costs are: 2 ferries, 1,100 miles (petrol, tyres, servicing, etc), 2/3 nights accommodation and some food.

Option 2 (I did this next)

Belfast <ride> Rosslare <ferry> Cherbourg / Roscoff <ride> Andalucia

Time required: 4 / 5 days.

Costs are: 2 ferries, 1,450 miles (petrol, tyres, servicing, etc), 3/4 nights accommodation and some food.

Option 3 (I now do this)

Give bike to Derek <fly> Malaga

Time required 3 hours.

Costs are Derek’s charges plus 2 x £40 winter Easyjet flights.

Go figure out your own costs for the options above, for me it’s a no brainer. The service is excellent and the Overlanders team are all dedicated bikers. Insurance is included and your bike will be looked after just like their own (which are mint any time you ever see them). In addition you will go a long way to meet nicer people, we met through bike transport and I am now pleased to consider Derek and David as friends.

If you want to over winter in Malaga I recommend Zenith Parking, call Irene (who speaks perfect English) on +34-952-28.54.77 or email info@zenithsl.com – they pick you up from your flight, leave you back to the airport when you return and your bike is 100% safe indoors with a friendly, family run firm.”

Stephen Potts

KTM SMT / F800GS / DRZ 400


After many years of ferries, motorways, lost holi(days) just getting to where I wanted to go, it was recommended I try out Overlanders. And what a great “find” they are. Such personal and friendly service from fellow bikers just cannot be matched. Knowing my precious Goldwing was trucking across Europe, in safe hands greatly reduced the normal stress levels associated with a long cross country journey to the sun.

Our bike + luggage + helmets etc all were waiting for me at Bilbao and Memmingen (Munich) airports, not a scratch, nothing missing, no lame excuses, just prompt efficient service. We started and ended two great holidays refreshed and relaxed, a “no brainer”.

I can be contacted through Derek for any “doubters” out there, my advice is to go for it, you will not need a ferry to France again!

Steve & Teresa Hendrick


Customer satisfaction is very important to us and if you would like to send us your testimonial, please email it to info@overlanders.ie




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